How to Be Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is definitely played up as a holiday all about dating, love and romance. It can sometimes feel like you have to do something to celebrate, or that you should be in a relationship. But, these things are not true.  You can still enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single lady.


A peek at my outfit and nail color (Essie’s Romper Room).

Curious how?

Read on to see how to be single on Valentine’s Day.

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A Look at One of The Best Items in My Closet

In college, I bought a metallic silver Puffer Vest. (Later, I also bought a green one, but it never fit like ol’ silver.) Although I have loved it since then, it is not a color and material I reach for anymore.

So, this past fall, when I went on a random shopping trip to Old Navy and saw their huge selection of brand new puffer vests- I decided I needed to add another to my collection.  This time I chose a black one with maximum versatility in mind.  It is too cold to wear this vest now (it is too bulky under a coat) but you better believe it will make a comeback when the winter weather leaves.

Obviously, my Puffer Vest is a favorite but I still have not really explained why.

Let’s talk more about that, shall we?


Read on to see why my Puffer Vest if one of the best items in my closet!

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What You Need to Know About CoverGirl’s New Foundation

Your makeup is all done and you are ready to head out the door. But on your way out you catch a glimpse of an obvious difference between your neck and face giving you that dreaded foundation line. UGH!

Has this happened to you?

Do you have a hard time finding foundation to match your skin?

Personally, my neck is lighter in color than my face so it is very easy for my face to look too dark. This is can be so frustrating!


If you could custom blend your own foundation to match your skin tone, would you?

If so, I have something great to share with you!

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Liquid Lippie Mania

I have been seeing liquid lipsticks all over social media for a while now and I am intrigued. When I see them applied, they look awesome but I wonder how they feel and how long they really last.

So, I decided to give them a try for myself.


I don’t need more lip products, but hey it’s for blogging purposes, right? 😉

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on FIVE raved about drugstore liquid lipsticks.

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